Anchor Awning Company specializes in designs that will revitalize any Tampa Bay outdoor area

There is nothing more rare, nor more pursued, than the immediate gratification that can be found when you have a place in the shade during an endless Florida summer. This can be found in a beautiful custom outdoor awning. The problem is, there has always been a wild swing in material quality and completed price. Chip Johnson from Anchor Awning Company recognized the need and desire for quality awnings that could be installed to improve areas, but was frustrated when he researched the inferior materials being used by the established competitors.

Chip acknowledged the lack of quality available on the market and made the decision to become part of the solution. To this end, he set out on a trek to find high-quality material at a reasonable cost for consumers. The mission was a success when Chip found a superior awning product with an 80 year history of satisfaction. The material expense put custom awnings within financial reach of most people who own a home in Tampa Bay.

To allow Floridians to add one more layer of value to outdoor spaces, Chip found himself on the hunt for a reliable roll screen capable of handling extensive use and abuse without malfunction, ie. “Screen Pull Out”. He new the physical barrier was meant to keep insects out, temperatures at a low and maintain curb appeal, so he could see the value for homeowners and commercial business owners. Much like the astonishing awning material, Chip turned-up a roll screen with a one-of-a-kind patent that could eliminate 95% of the service calls experienced with most roll screens.

The offerings together made it possible to bring the comfort of the indoors outside, while maintaining a speedy and reliable method by which both could disappear and they became the core of the Anchor Awning Company product line!

With an awning and roll screen product line secured and costs to homeowners controlled, Chip and Anchor Awning Company went to work laying the foundation for a dedicated customer service policy. The company follows a strict practice of expedient responsiveness to customer calls, returning calls or scheduling meetings within 24 hours, whenever it is possible.

In addition to material quality, fair pricing and an unparalleled dedication to customer service, Anchor Awning Company promises that customers will love the color options, built-in technology and availability. Tampa homeowners can expect to enjoy their outdoor space within days rather than weeks.

Anchor Awning Company is here and ready to help you make your outdoor spaces more enjoyable!