All of our awnings come standard with lights and Bluetooth compatible

Awning Styles for Florida Homes and Businesses

With Florida being both the “Sunshine State” and the Lightning Capital of the World, residents here need protection from both, intense sun and frequent showers. Anchor Awning Co. provides motorized retractable awnings for both residential and commercial applications with unique features that sets them apart from their competition. Florida homeowners who would like to step outdoors to reclaim precious living space demanded an option to make all spaces available and comfortable all year. They had a desire to entertain and Anchor Awning Company was prepared to answer that call. The retractable awning systems from our Tampa Bay company are a durable and a worthwhile investment that can make unused outdoor spaces inviting.

Anchor Awning Company is the Industry Leader for Quality

Materials used in the retractable awning systems from Anchor Awning Company are designed to thrive in the harsh conditions associated with a Florida summer. The awnings assembly is manufactured from high-density billet aluminum and aluminum extrusions which are then powder coated for durability and reliability for years. On average, an awning from Anchor Awning Co. physically weighs 50% more than their competitors products. Simply put, they’re built to last!

What sets Anchor Awnings apart?

Housing: Standard on every awning, a fully enclosed cassette housing that will significantly extend the life of the fabric and prevent nesting from unwanted critters.

LED Lights: LED lights come standard built into the extension arms on all Marygrove Products. Controlled with the remote, your awning now becomes invaluable for night time entertaining.

Adjustable Pitch: A retractable awning system that also allows you to easily modify pitch with the provided crank handle, no pins to pull or bolts to loosen!

Bluetooth: Bluetooth capabilities that allow the awning to be controlled from your Smartphone or home virtual voice assistant.

Fast Delivery: Average 10 day delivery. Anchor Awning Co. is the only retractable awning company in Florida that inventories all the most popular sizes and colors resulting in the fastest deposit to install time in the business!

Anchor Awning Company will Build a Memorable Outdoor Space

The terms “sleek” or “owner driven design” are seldom applied to products designed to an outdoor living space. These are both used to describe our outdoor awning systems. This means that if you are covering your porch at your one level St. Pete Mediterranean style home or you are covering a bustling patio area at your micro brewery, Anchor Awning Company has an awning solution that can make your space more enjoyable. The key standard features in our units are designed to look good and last!

Anchor Awning Co. “Top Shelf” Custom Awnings

Anchor Awning Company recently introduced our signature line of “Top Shelf” commercial awnings capable of reach 23’ spans with 13’ projections. Available are all the Sunbrella fabrics along with 150 top quality fabrics brought over from Holland.

You can rely on Anchor Awning Company as your retractable awning supplier in the Tampa Bay Area. We help build more enjoyable living spaces in Tampa Bay, and points beyond. Call 813-812-4442 to learn how we can help you.

Sleek Remote

Sleek remote with magnetic mounting plate.

Awning with even pitch

Awning with even pitch

Independent Pitch Control

Awning with our “independent pitch control” lets you control water run off and shade direction.

Fully Extended Awning

Fully extended awning

Cassette Housing

Full cassette housing protecting fabric when closed.

Partially Opened Awning

The awning can be stopped at any point giving you control over the amount of shade you desire.

Extension Arm Internals

Extension arm internals made from polycoated aircraft cable.

Our Unique Pitch

Adjustment assembly, no bolts, no pins, simply turn with provided manual crank handle.